About Us.

About Us

When content becomes your marketing, your business really starts to grow.

Welcome to 8mencan — the company I started when nobody would hire me! Named after my last name (Aitman), 8mencan is my personal mission to help companies use content as their marketing and grow their business.

I’m Amy Aitman, founder of 8mencan. I first started this company many years ago as a way to help support my family when nobody would hire me. You see, I graduated from the University of Waterloo in 2008 (yes, the height of the recession) armed with an honours degree in Rhetoric and Professional Writing and an eagerness to jump into a marketing or communications role. It was a really tough time to get hired, even my mentors were looking for work. Communications and Marketing teams were cutting way back but I had this deep desire to help people. Like, I’ve said many times since then: It was a tough time to get a ‘job’ but a great time to start a business!

When my son was born a few years later, I knew it was my time to really create a business that could sustain my family. That’s been my driving force for many years now and I’m still here. I knew I could help businesses tell their story, craft a narrative online that helped them grow so I stared there, as a freelance copywriter. It didn’t take long for me to build a client base and soon I learned how valuable the right content strategy helped their businesses grow.

Over the years, I’ve worked with 100+ business owners and companies and I’ve seen lasting growth from so many. I’m also co-founder Change Creator — a non-traditional, modern media and education platform that gives social entrepreneurs an edge in the marketplace. There, alongside Adam Force, I’ve helped grow an audience of 200,000 + change creators that are doing some seriously amazing things in this world. Every day I wake up excited to help these amazing socially conscious business leaders succeed!

Today, I help businesses like yours grow their businesses online with smart, strategic content that becomes the marketing for your business. I believe in long-lasting, organic growth and building loyal customers that stick. Unlike other digital agencies, I personally work hands-on with my clients, offering support, strategies, and implementation of those strategies. I’m only working with a few select clients at this time so I can offer the best support. If you want to work with me, please contact me. I will personally reach out to you and see if I can be a good fit to help your business grow!

Our Purpose

To help amplify your online presence, build reliable, organic traffic and a loyal customer base that grows your business.

Our Mission

To help businesses discover and use the power of content for their marketing.

Our Values

I believe that the best brand story online is an authentic one. No need to exaggerate your data, use sleezy online sales tactics to get people to buy. There’s a better way to get sales and I’m here to help you do that!

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